Our Cooler this Week

So, blog number three.  Yeah.

The exciting part about this blog is showing you the stunning array of blooms in our cooler. If a picture is worth a thousand words (so they say) then flowers are worth ten thousand.

The goal of my blog will be to help people find florists who are in synch with their tastes, budget, and style.  Which might end up being me and my flower shop.  But if not, at least I will have been helpful in helping you choose a florist who meets your needs, to a “t”!

For example, find a florist who is honest with you about floral prices throughout the seasons.  All those gorgeous mouth-watering US magazines give so many suggestions for floral savings and floral substitutes.  I recently read an article suggesting that dahlias are 80% less expensive than roses!  (See page 182 InStyle for more tips.)  Sure, certain flowers can be less expensive if used in season and harvested locally, however it may not always be the case and in every province (state).  And while many varieties of flowers are available year round and at reasonable prices due to the global marketplace, it does not mean every florist pulls from the same sources and same suppliers.  So believe everything you read, and then do some “live” research.  Or call me!