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If colour is your thing, this is the page for you!

Albums by Colour Story

If colour is as or more important to you than seasonal blooms, this is the most helpful page.  Based on these colour stories, we can create a flower arrangement or bouquet just as beautiful as the image you choose* - or even more so!  Bouquets, arrangements, and plantings are custom-created the day of your choosing and ready for contact-free delivery or pick up for all of life's occasions; as thank-you gifts or get well wishes, for intimate dinner parties or lavish anniversaries (whether hosting or as a guest), for holidays and birthdays, births, and sympathy.  

A Gift of Flowers

Your arrangement, hand-tied bouquet, or planting arrives beautifully gift wrapped in tissue paper and cellophane for presentation and protection of the flowers and containers. Your personal message - handwritten on a crisp white card - is concealed in an envelope and carefully tucked amongst the blooms.    To get an idea of arrangement and bouquet sizing, click here.

* We attach the highest importance to the quaility and freshness of the flowers and foliages chosen to create your floral gifts; therefore, we will offer substititions of seasonal or year-round floral varieties in near-perfect colours and textures to reflect your chosen inspiration images.


Bright and Cheery

Bright and cheery?  

Colour is everything means different things to different people.  The time of year, the occasion, the likes and preferences of the recipient all matter.  Be insipred by some of the options above (quick reference codes make it easy).  Or give us brief description of your dream bouquet.  We'll keep colours in mind in any season!

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Whites and greens?

Once you decide on a white and green colour scheme, consider a pop of colour...or simply keep with your initial decision and let the availability of the many tints, tones, and shades of green blooms be your touch of colour.

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Sunrise, Sunset, Sundrenched

Oranges and yellows and deep dark accents.

Sunrise, sunset?

The abundance of fall colours, in so many rich or bright and cheery hues, are most florists dream.  And keep in mind, fall goes beyong orange and brown.  Consider yellow, eggplant, plums, and hot pinks.  We will create a colourful design using the freshest product in our cooler today!

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All White

Perfect for nearly every decor.

All white?

A white on white (on white) selection inspired by the above images is appropriate for any season.  We like what we like and why follow anyone else's so-called rules?!  Tell us your preferences and we'll take care of the rest.

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Love what you see?

Ordering is easy!  Call 416-489-7246, order online, or send an e-mail to - we look forward to hearing from you!  Alternatively, you can always pop in to select and collect in person once all this pandemic stuff is behind us.

Your Flowers Come From Canada and All Around the World

Eco-friendly flowers are sourced year-round from local, national and international growers.  We also source seasonal flowers and foliage from growers in Ontario and are careful to select the best of the best depending on season and supply.  As professional florists, we tend to the flowers you send or receive with great care.  This ensures optimal quality and vase life so that you get the finest product available.

Mother Nature's Provisions

(A little background information  about what might be on hand the day you call or for your chosen delivery date.)

Seasons often overlap within any year and vary from year to year; nature being nature, it determines our local harvesters as well as our greenhouse growers, for shorter or longer seasons one year to the next!  As such, every flower in every photo is available at some point during the year, even if perhaps not the day of your call.  Note that we often sell out of certain varieties, especially for floral holidays - so, order early!

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