Inspired by Nature

How do I choose the right size for my gift?

All floral arrangements, bouquets, and plantings can be made in a range of sizes, and the price is based on size, type of vase or container, quantity of blooms/number of plants, and type of blooms/plants.

Since every gift is custom made, price ranges are more appropriate than specific price points.  Here are pricing and sizing guidelines for hand-tied* bouquets:

Sweet      $35 - $65

Small        $75 - $95

Medium   $100 - $150

Large        $175+

* If you prefer to send your gift in a vase, plan on spending an additional 15-20%.  For instance, a $75 medium hand-tied bouquet would need a $10-15 vase and a $175 hand-tied requires a larger vase to support all those extra blooms and foliages ($25-35 for clear glass, and slightly more for ceramic of metal).

What's the best way to order flowers?

The best way to order flowers is the way that works best for you.  Seriously!  If it's 2am and you just remembered someone's anniversary and work will be crazy busy forst thing in the morning, send us an email or order online.  You choose what works best for you: flowers can be ordered by phone, by e-mail, online, or in person.  We're partial to telephone orders, where we get to know you and can cut to the chase about all kinds of details for your order, however we are grateful to receive your order in any format.

* Both e-mail and online shopping cart orders receive a personal call or e-mail from one of our team.  If you do not receive either, your order may not have reached us (e.g. spam filtred).  

How do I ensure my gift looks as big or as full as possible for my preferred price point?

To help ensure your order matches your vision: click here for a visual size guide (or simply leave the choice to our designers).

If you would like your gift to have more show at any price, ask for a front-facing design instead of an all-around design (or allow us to decide for you).  Front-facing arrangements are perfect for placement against a wall, (such as an entrance side table, a desk, or on a vanity).  You can also opt for larger less expensive flowers that have great show with lots of texture.  Examples include mums and hydrangeas.  If you don't know the recipient's home and don't have any idea about where they might place your floral gift, we suggest an all-around design, which allows the most flexibility.

How do I decide what price is most appropriate for the gift I want to send?

Many factors contribute to selecting the most appropriate size of your gift, including how much you are comfortable spending, the importance or relevance of the occasion to you (or to the recipient), your relationship to the recipient, and even their personal or social expectations of you (however, always remember, it's the thought that counts and small is often beautiful).  Plus, how well do you know the recipient's home or office and thus, the likely placement of your gift?  A $50 sidetable arrangement could be the perfect size for a get well gift that says "thinking of you'' while a $100 hand-tied bouquet will likely be ill-suited for your host's 16-person dining table as he or she is readying to serve dinner.  Still unsure?  We are here to answer your questions and help you decide.  (And it's worth repeating: it's the thought that counts!)