Everyday Gift Giving

(And self care, of course!)


Our everyday gift bouquets, arrangements, and plantings are custom-created the day of your call or visit and ready for contact-free delivery or pick up for all of life's occasions; as thank-you gifts or get well wishes, for intimate dinner parties or lavish anniversaries (whether hosting or as a guest), and birthdays, births, and sympathy.  Have a look at the seasonal albums below.

Since flowers are a seasonal product, we have grouped our retail gallery by season to illustrate flowers that may be available at the time of your order.  We attach the highest importance to the flowers and foliages we use to create your florals. To help achieve the design or style you want, our designers will skillfully offer substititions of seasonal or year-round floral varieties in perfect colours and textures.  



Select a spring arrangement using the quick reference code or brief description.  We'll mimic or replicate, depending on the freshest flowers in our cooler on your delivery date!



Select a colourful or all white summer arrangement from above.



Nature's best outdoor art show.

Select from the fall collection of pictures below.  Use the quick reference code (1F to 17F) or the brief description, from which we will mimic or replicate to create as good or even better for you! How good it gets all depends on the freshest product in our cooler today!



Nature's respite from a busy year.

For your winter selection above, choose colours and textures to evoke the season.  And remember, red, white and green is best (if ever) reserved for Christmas Eve!  Tell us your preferences and we'll take care of the rest.  We will even add a little bling if you wish!


Love what you see?

Ordering is easy!  Call 416-489-7246, order online, or send an e-mail to studio@terrainflowers.com - we look forward to hearing from you!  Alternatively, you can always pop in to select and collect in person.

Mother Nature's provisions - a note about what might be on hand the day you call.

Seasons often overlap within any year and vary from year to year; nature affects our local harvesters as well as our greenhouse growers, for shorter or longer seasons one year to the next!  The gist of this message?  Every flower in every photo is available at some point during the year, even if perhaps not the week of your call.  And a bit of an afternthought - we often sell out of certain varieties, especially for floral holidays.  Order early, order in advance!