Flowers are one of life's simple pleasures.  At Terrain Flowers, we source fresh product from the best suppliers, and then clean, hydrate, and condition every stem to ensure maximum quality and vase life.

Our Tips for Longer Lasting Blooms


For any fresh cut flower, we recommend topping up the water in the vase or container every day.  

Slowly add water to within an inch of the top edge to ensure thorough hydration of each stem and

help minimize bacteria growth.  Feeling extra ambitious?  Replace the water entirely every two or three days!

Placement To display and enjoy your flowers, choose a cool spot out of direct sunlight and away from drafts, heating vents and equipment.

Maintenance  Your flowers are typically set amongst lush premium foliage; as the flowers fade, the overall beauty and structure of the design remains. Carefully snip blooms as they fade.  Avoid pulling the entire stem out as each arrangement is made with a structural interlocking of the stems (which keeps the floral elements securely in place). Pulling stems out may disrupt or break other stems, leaving gaps in the design.

A Note About 'Flower Food'  Some florists provide sachets of flower food. Studies show that the flower food is mixed disproportionately by the recipient, resulting in adverse effects on flower longevity. (Too much or too little of a good thing!)  All our flowers are hydrated in our shop in carefully measured professional food and water solution.  Once they arrive at your place, a top up of plain cold water is all your flowers need!

A Note About Your Furniture  Remember to protect delicate surfaces from moisture and excess water. 


Care Instructions Included with Every Creation

Hand-Tied Bouquet Care
Arrangement Care
Fresh Cut Flower Care
Flowers in Floral Foam Care