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Pricing and Sizing, (or, Sizes by Price)


All floral arrangements, bouquets, and plantings can be made in a range of sizes, with price based on size and quantity of blooms or plants.

Here are pricing and sizing guidelines for hand-tied* bouquets:

Sweet      $35 - $65

Small        $75 - $95

Medium   $100 - $150

Large        $175+

* If you want your flower gift sent in a vase, add 15% to 20% to those prices.  

To help ensure your order matches your vision, click here for a visual size guide. (Or, simply leave the decision making to our designers.)

Quick tip!  Want your gift to have more show?  Ask for a front-facing design instead of an all-around design (perfect for placement against a wall).  Your gift will look more full and abundant for the same.

To achieve the same overall size in an all-around design, plan on spending 30-40% more.  See our FAQs page for additional details.