ABOUT FLOWER AVAILABILITY  To  help achieve the design or style you want, our floral designers will offer suggestions of seasonal or year-round flowers currently on hand.  Certain flowers may be available for a limited time within a season.  Availability and colours often vary from season to season.  Tell us your thoughts and needs based on your personal preferences or in light of the images you’ve seen in these pages.  Call to find out more or drop in to see our flowers at 2847 Dufferin Street (Toronto, ON M6B 3S4).


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Price is based on
the size of the arrangement as well bloom choices. 


Small: 75 to 100

Medium: 100 to 150

Large:  175 and up

Small: 65-85

Medium: 100-150

Large:  150 and up

A Gallery of Flowers Here you will find a collection of images of flowers and designs we’ve especially liked or that bring back memories.  Feel free to mention one of these if you would like to replicate or use a certain type of bloom found here, but not in the other albums.