Helen  My creative endeavours include designing with flowers, drawing, sewing, and knitting.  All have been motivated by my passion to add beauty and joy to others’ lives by creating with my hands.  Since childhood, curiosity in how things are made led me to play with my father’s stereo equipment instead of toys!  

I truly love the tactile aspect and the tools one needs for a project and constantly look for inspiration, improving my skills and learning anew and sourcing new materials.  It’s a dangerous road I love travelling!  My workbench is my happy place, listening to music, focusing on a project to figure out how to take what I see in my head, and use the tools in front of me to put the puzzle together.

Darrin  My love of nature, gardens and gardening became an entrepreneurial adventure the instant I began studying floral design.  Every season of every year brings opportunity to create and influence the creation of beautiful work - keeping an eye on classic design for contemporary times.  The result?  Consistently high quality floral services for the Toronto marketplace. 

We are here to provide dependable and professional floral services every time you order or send flowers.  We do this by combining our interests with creating and delivering simple fresh flower arrangements for everyday occasions, as gifts, for yourself, and for weddings, special events, and business giving. 

Each flower arrangement and bouquet can reflect the natural splendour of the season  while reflecting your personality and tastes or that of your recipient.  Talk to us to find out how!

Dawn  I am passionate about history, art and nature and so achieved a Bachelor in History and Art History, plus a Masters in Photographic Preservation and Collections Management.  My love of botany means you’ll find me exploring and studying nature, curiously tending to my garden, or explorative traveling (get intentionally lost on your next city visit!).  I love wedding and event work – there’s often a chance to re-interpret Old Dutch paintings, antiques, and my love of Art Deco into my designs! 

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