Winter Flower Hours




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Plant Life for a Good Life

On offer by season or year round, a selection of plants and plantings can be custom-created the day of your call or visit and ready for contact-free delivery or pick up.  And we are happy to fill one of your own pots or containers.  Bring it in and let's see what we can create!

We have a variety of succulents, including jades, echeveria, and haworthia all year long.  Note that some plant options are season, such as amaryllis from November to January and spring bulbs like hyacinth and tulips from January to April.  Winter urn creations need to be ordered by November 1 before it simply gets too cold!  


Orchid and Succulent Plantings

Choose from a selection of orchids or succulents in a variety of ceramics and ground cover finishes, ever-changing year round.  Moss-encased glass is a fun alternative.  Add polished river rock for an even more contemporary touch.  Trouble deciding between the two?  Let us combine the orchid with an underplanted succulent or two for added visual interest and longevity!


Winter Planting Selections

As November approaches, think of sending a life-giving natural element.  Amaryllis is available well into January, and poinsettia for the full month of December, are great options.  For outside, winter plantings of lush pines, cedars, magnolia and twigs are perfect in their simplicity, or add baubles and berries for a festive touch.  (Reserve by first week of November.)


Spring Planting Selections

Spring starts early at Terrain Flowers.  Mini-daffodils and oh-so-fragrant hyacinth bulbs are the way to go!  Kalanchoe (available year round) is also a good bet.


Like what you see?

Ordering is easy!  Call 416-489-7246, order online, or send an e-mail to - we look forward to hearing from you!  Alternatively, you can always pop in to 'select and collect' in person.