Inspired by Nature

Bright & Cheery


1::BC Bright and Cheery :: Spring gardens ought to burst with such colour. Monochromatic winter is done, let the show begin. Perfect for Passover and Easter.
2::BC Bright and Cheery :: Whites and greens and deep yellows are a pleasing sight any season. 2BC:WHGNYW
3::BC Bright and Cheery :: Yellow roses set against white hydrangea and bright green viburnum accents. GNWHYW
4::BC Bright and Cheery:: White and yellow with a spring fling of green viburnum in long low ceramic vase (about 14" long by 7" wide and 11" tall). GNWHYW
5::BC Bright and Cheery:: Perfect for Mother's Day (or any day), pinks and purples with creamy whites and green. 5BC:GNPKWH
6::BC Bright and Cheery:: White peonies and yellow roses create a perfect spring feeling.
7::BC Bright and Cheery:: Many-petalled deep yellow ranunculus with white blooms and green orchid brooch. 7BC:GNWHYW
8::BC Bright and Cheery::Sunflowers paired with tulips and hyacinth for an unexpected late winter surprise. 8BC:BLORYW
9::BC Bright and Cheery:: Coral dahlias and buttery roses with pink sedum and emerald hydrangea.
10::Bright and Cheery:: Deep orange dahlias with bright green lace hydrangea and bright orange alstroemerias.

Colour is everything! And colourful means different things to different people.  For some, colourful means including every colour of the rainbow and for others, it means practising a little restraint.  For others, it might envision creamy whites and bright greens with shades of pink.

The time of year, the occasion, your likes and preferences as well as those of the recipient all matter.  Be inspired by some of the options above.  Each image has a quick reference codes to make it easy to tell us your choices.  Or simply provide a brief description of your dream bouquet.  We'll keep colours in mind in any season!

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