Inspired by Nature

Tall, medium, or small? As easy as A, B, or C.

Tell us your preference or leave it to us to decide.


Typically, we create arrangements and hand-tied bouqets that would be viewed from all sides (in other words, an all-around design).  Most of the images on this site were created as all around designs.

The three photos on this page, however, depict varying sizes and price points of front-facing arrangements, which are best suited for placement wherein the back is concealed (typically against a wall).  Examples of common placements for front-tacing arrangements include hallway entry tables, welcome desks, and the front of a church or synagogue.  

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A. Tall


This tall $195 arrangement contains even more roses than arrangement (B), plus lizianthus for color and added textural interest. This creation contains more (and taller!) foliages.

B. Medium


This small $110 arrangement contains all the flowers in (C) plus roses and additional hydrangea for fullness.

C. Small


This small $85 arrangement contains gerbera daisies, hydrangea and mums (all large blooms for maximum fullness). This front-facing design is ideal for a reception desk or placement against a wall. In comparison, all-around small arrangments are typically created in a shorter vase 5-7 inches tall).